Joe Hutto’s idea of research is anything but normal, dedicating seven years of his life to becoming a wild mule deer. The herd would ordinarily run from any human but, incredibly, these keenly intelligent animals come to regard this stranger as one of their own.

Touching The Wild was commissioned for PBS from Passion Planet Productions. It is a one-hour natural history documentary featuring Joe Hutto and his interactions with a group of wild deer in the United States. The score was co-written with Rob Dunstone and Anne Nikitin.

Below are my tracks for the programme:

Here is my natural history documentary showreel:

Coral gardens of scandinavia

I was approached by Armin and Birgitta Mueck of Crystal Water Films in Sweden to score their natural history documentary, Coral Gardens Of Scandinavia, in 2014. Here is the SoundCloud playlist of the tracks from the film: