Feature film, written and directed by Mark Wilshin (2017).

20-year-old footballer Will is on his stag-do in an unnamed European city when, naked and handcuffed to a lamppost, he is rescued by former pianist Michael. Back at Michael's apartment, the attraction between the two men is immediate. But, unable to bring himself to leave, Will is sent into a tailspin of shame and confusion. And so they spend a night together that could change both of their lives forever. If only they have the courage to let it.



Short film, written and directed by James Berridge, edited by Tristram Giff (2016).

Homer is a live action comedy short film, about a ménage-a-trois between Aaron, a compulsively clean city broker, his beautiful and way out of his league girlfriend, Lexi, and Homer - a pigeon.



Short film, written and directed by Natalie Malla (2015).

In this comedy about cold feet, Emily, ready for the wedding of her dreams, meets Rob, a Henry VIII street entertainer, and takes it as a bad sign. Beheadings, divorces and annulments race through her mind, but marriage will make everything better...right?


Here are some cues from the film:


Short film, written and directed by Natalie Malla (2018).

The lovely lady in the yellow hat and the perfect gentleman in the purple jumper might just be soulmates but will they talk to each other? Or will they leave that crowded tube carriage never knowing what might have been?


Short film, written and directed by Russell Holliss (2005).

The tale of a lonely young boy who dreams of escaping from his empty life. Ignored by his shopaholic mother and bullied at school, Roger finds he has but one friend – Rocket Boy – a comic book character who fuels his imagination and inspires him to embark on a fantastical adventure beyond the stars!


Short film, directed by Ted Wilkes/Tristram Giff (2017).

New Slavoski, a secretive totalitarian state ruthlessly controlled by 'The Dear Leader'. Hermes, a low ranking state 'Reader' resentful of the hardship of her existence, begins to question the truthfulness of her broadcasts to the nation.

I was approached by Tristram to work on another film, Iris Echo, this time directed by Ted Wilkes. The music for this project was very different - Soviet-style orchestral/choral marching music. Here's a link to the three tracks from the film featuring a choir of men and women from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.


Short film, directed by Simon Neal (2009).

Washdays won Best Narrative short at Rushes Soho Short Film Festival and then went on to be nominated for BIFA.

11-year-old Kyle has an embarrassing problem. When his mum writes a note to his teacher stating the unvarnished truth, he bunks off school and goes in search of his own solution.

Here are the cues from the film: